Day Two

Marketing and business skills

I know many speakers who are great on the platform, inspire their audiences and leave a lasting impression, yet they are always complaining of the lack of regular speaking assignments. Other speakers are new to the circuit and want to know how to market themselves.

This day is for you, the ideas have worked for me and generated excellent income and lifestyle. When I started out as a professional speaker, there was no-one to go to for direction, so many ideas were discovered by trial and error (very costly and plenty of mistakes).

Over the years many ‘greats’ have shared their secrets with me and you will benefit from these on day two. Entering the International market was a whole new ball game with different marketing methods, but having discovered these, my diary is now filled with International speaking assignments. Product design and sales was another area where I had no knowledge.

An investment in two hours of Dottie Walters time resulted In my first audio course generating income of £35,000 in one sale over a handshake. Negotiation skills in selling my talks to decision makers was another area where I had to improve my skills as well as developing a professional press kit and promotional material. If you pick up just one idea that can generate you more income, then the investment has been worthwhile.


Day TWO agenda


  • The business plan
  • Setting up and running an efficient office
  • Planning and tracking your business
  • Creating a niche market
  • Sponsorships
  • Publicity and promotion
  • Your unique press kit
  • Contracts
  • Building a profile
  • Essential equipment
  • Marketing with articles
  • Generating repeat and referral business
  • The importance of an excellent web site
  • Working with production houses
  • Developing and marketing products
  • Tips booklets
  • Publishing
  • Working with speaker bureaus
  • Breaking into the International market
  • Dealing with different cultures
  • Unforgettable titles (‘Walking with Tigers’ has secured me more business than I thought possible)
  • Emarketing & affiliate selling
  • Creating and marketing with video and multimedia

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