About the Bootcamp

Frank Furness embarked on a full time speaking career in 1997. Since that time he has spoken in 44 Countries around the World and continues to secure International speaking assignments.

Frank has become a master of networking and identifying opportunities. He runs his speaking career as a professional business. When Frank started his speaking career, he spent a lot of wasted time floundering around and trying to find out how to market himself. Over the years he has developed professional relationships with some of the best marketers and speakers in the World and learnt from them. Two hours of personal coaching time with Dottie Walters a year ago cost Frank $300 and the advice he received resulted in his first tape course order for £35,000.

Over the last four and a half years he has established clients that are amongst the largest Blue Chip Companies in the world. Sponsorship and arranging his own speaking tours has contributed to his success and International exposure. Frank has now run twenty-five successful bootcamps on four continents and the delegates are raving. With the ideas learned on the bootcamp, one delegate secured 11 speaking assignments in the week following.

Frank is also working with UK Sport and running the bootcamp for the British Olympic Team and the Professional Cricket Association of England.

The idea of a BOOTCAMP originates in America where Frank has attended them and experienced the positive results. A BOOTCAMP is a weekend of intensive learning and action planning. The first day of BOOTCAMP will concentrate on the speaking and platform skills, while the second day concentrates on marketing, products and running a business. Each year he returns to Hollywood where he shares the stage with some of the world’s top marketers at the ‘Magnificent Marketing Symposium’.

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